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Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website Using Viral Marketing

The first step in generating targeted traffic .

Start a thread on different forums and other social networks and leave a link to your free E-book in your signature file for other members to see. Post a short article on your blog and encourage visitors to leave a comment. Mention your E-book when you leave well thought out comments on other relevant blogs related to your niche. Also use social bookmarking sites to spread the word about your blog post on your E-book.

There are many free membership sites that you can join that will let you create banner ads and graphics. Put these on your website; also try exchanging ads with other webmasters and blog owners. This will be sure to drive free targeted traffic to you site. To further increase the affect of viral marketing offer to let people put ads in your E-book with the condition they give it away to their visitors or subscribers on their list.

Writing articles that are relevant to your niche or service you provide. Pre approving reprint rights lets visitors immediately use your articles without wasting time on getting permission from the author. This will enable them to use your articles right away on their blog, website, or perhaps a newsletter they send out to their list with the condition the resource box stays intact.

Finding E-books to rebrand on the internet is relatively simple. Some owners may give out their E-book with the condition you leave some of their links intact, others may give full license to rewrite or put yourself as the author but these licenses usually come with a cost. Try to find products that provide “branding rights”. That is where you can include your own name, website, and contact information.

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Generating Targeted Traffic Is The Secret To Online Home Business Success

The main challenges facing online home business owners is the marketing of their business on the internet. This takes time and is the one area I would recommend that you focus on. If you take the time every day to develop your internet marketing skills you will be on the road to success.

How do I do that you may ask? The internet abounds with ways that you can develop your internet marketing skills. Discussion forums are an extremely valuable source of free information. You can also watch videos, attend webinars, listen to audios, purchase e-courses, work books or CD’s and do not forget the social networking sites such as Twitter.

Your focus should be to become as educated as you possibly can in the running and marketing of your online home business. You can further narrow down your focus on your online business once you start to master the basic concepts.

Aim to spend most of your time marketing and advertising your online business to attract targeted visitors as generating targeted traffic is what is going to lead to success. You will eventually make more sales when you have different forms of traffic visiting your website.

One method that works well is to direct your visitors to a landing page enabling you to build your email marketing list before the prospect goes on to visit your website. You have no doubt heard about building a list. The reason for it being that you can develop another stream of income as you can follow up with those who subscribe to your list and promote products to them by email.

You will still need to focus on marketing and generating targeted traffic if you use the landing page strategy. I am sure you can see why the most successful online home business owners are those who get the most targeted traffic visiting their websites.

The term targeted traffic is used to describe visitors who arrive on your web page that is relevant to their search term as opposed to visitors who have no interest in what you are offering which is often the case if you purchase guaranteed visitors. Hence the reason to focus on developing your internet marketing skills in order to attract visitors who are looking for what your web page has to offer.

I am sure you have realized from the above that your online home business success is going to be a direct result of the amount of targeted traffic you can drive to your website. So spending your time on developing your internet marketing skills to generate targeted traffic should be your main focus.

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